Python module - use master nodes or data nodes?

When using python bulk load should I open connection with master node or data node?

elastic_output = Elasticsearch([master1,master2], http_auth=(elastic_admin_user, elastic_admin_passwd),port=9200)

and then write data

helpers.bulk(elastic_output, mylist)

both of the above it working. if I use one master, one data or multiple.

But want to know which one is better? because I believe it is only opening connection to one random node from list.

If they are dedicated masters, then you should not be using them.

they are not. they are co-ordinating master.

but regardless of that question is should I use one data node or one co-ordinating master.
cluster has five data node, three master and two co-ordinating master.
I was using all data node in logstash config file.

but do not how python uses multiple server name

Just use all 5 nodes then, it should be ok with smaller clusters.

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