Q function not working in timelion series query

I am trying to add below es function into timelion.

.es(q="component:test-posting", index=method_execution_statistics-*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count').label('Total Postings Calls'), .es(q='component:test-posting', index=method_execution_statistics-*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='avg:duration').label('Average Postings Duration')

q='component:test-posting' is not filtering that showing same data it would show without it'

Please assist

Which version of Kibana are you running? Do you see similar behavior when you enter component:test-posting into the Search bar in the Discover tab in Kibana?

Hi Nick, we use Kibana 5.6.2 version, yes in search bar for discover tab it filters out data when i pass above criteria

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