Q re Deprecated field minimum_number_should_match

We're trying ES5.2.0 in place of ES5.1.1, and I'm seeing alot of these messages:

[org.elasticsearch.deprecation.common.ParseField] Deprecated field [minimum_number_should_match] used, expected [minimum_should_match] instead

Q: Is minimum_should_match back-compatible with 5.1.1, or would we be required to be running 5.2.0 in order to be using the new name, minimum_should_match ?

I see description of minimum_should_match back in the 2.4 docs: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.4/query-dsl-minimum-should-match.html

Is minimum_should_match a directly 1-for-1 replacement of minimum_number_should_match ?

Yes, minimum_number_should_match is deprecated and will be removed in 6.0, you should use minimum_should_match instead, and it is fine to use in all versions of ES 5.x.

I'm going to re-categorize this question to 'Elasticsearch' rather than 'Elastic Cloud', just in case anybody on the Elasticsearch team would like to comment.

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So it was just a rename and there were no semantic changes? Why even bother.

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