Q="xxxx" not working on timelion when use metric

Hi -

I try to monitor 5 nodes logstash ingress rate with:

.es(index='logstash-metrics', q='message:ls-index1', metric=max:events.rate_1m),.es(index='logstash-metrics', q='message:ls-index2', metric=max:events.rate_1m)

Each logstash node ingress rate is different but the line chart not changed, seems the query statement (q='message:ls-index1') is not working on timelion.

Any idea?

I think you might need single quotes around your metric value e.g. 'max:events.rate_1m'

Not sure if that's the issue though. Have you tested the same query in Discover? Query terms are analyzed, so I suspect your ls-index# terms are getting broken into ls and index# terms, and the ls is matching all docs.

Yes, ls-index terms are broken in to ls and index# in Timelion query, but in Discover


will not broken in to ls and index.


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