Queries across two distinct indices


Let's say I have two indices S (fields: ID, shoe size) and H (fields: ID, height)
where there's at least one field that runs across the two sides.

Is it possible to run a native elastic query across the two, such as:
Get the height of everyone whose shoe size = 10.5.

I know I can do this in say a Python wrapper but I'm looking for the simplest
possible solution.

Thank you!

I think you need two ES queries:

  1. Get IDs from H where height == 10.5
  2. Multi-get records from S using IDs from step 1.

Alternatively, create a new index SH that joins the two indices on ID, and then you can run one ES query on it.

Thank you, Loren!

I didn't know about mget but it could definitely be useful.
Unfortunately, merging the indices won't be an option in my real project though.
I have three types of indices and I wanna be able to play this game with any combination
and in any direction and they're of massive sizes ...

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