Query Alert History in Elastic Cloud 8.6.2

As an Elastic Cloud user (v8.6.2), I would like to query my Observability Alert history for reporting purposes, and perhaps even to create a high-level dashboard showing open alerts across multiple workspaces in Elastic Cloud. How can I do this?

AFAIK, there's no official API to get observability alerts.

I found two ways :

  • by internal API : use dev mode in chrome to sniff internal api calls, you will see calls to "https://kibana:5601/internal/bsearch"

  • by index : observability alerts are stored in these indexes :

GET /.internal.alerts-observability.metrics.alerts-default-*/_search
  "query": {
      "query_string": {
            "query": "*",
            "analyze_wildcard": true

Thx. I'll take a look. By index is probably the way I'd want to go. This is a fundamental requirement, IMO. Just being able to do a histogram on alerts can tell you a lot.

Thanks. Alerts are aliased to the equivalent .alerts-* index (e.g., .internal.alerts-apm.observability-default is aliased to .alerts-apm.observability-*), so I created the following data view:


and enabled "View hidden/system indices," and I can see what I hoped to see. Unfortunately there isn't quite as much data as I'd like to see, but I think we can compensate for that by enriching the alerts with tags.


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