Query and/or access object property

I'm very new to ES and using the API for searching. I have an set of logs that have an object's properties
Annotation 2020-01-24 113124

In my c# query, I am trying to access the fields.ui.Message field. How can I do that? I get the top level stuff (ID, messageTemplate, etc) and a Fields object. Below is the search itself.

var searchResponse = await _client.SearchAsync<TaskLog>(s => s
            .Source(sf => sf
               .Includes(i => i
          .Query(q => q
              .QueryString(qs => qs
                  .Fields(f => f.Field("fields.ui.TaskId")).Query(request.TaskId.ToString())
        .Sort(sa => sa.Descending(u => u.Timestamp)), cancellationToken

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