Query and static field

I have a code that when a value reaches the value my REST "query" looks me in the fields of my entity "Terreno0101" and does right

Page page = terreno0101Service.search(requestParams.get("query"), pageable);

@Transactional(readOnly = true)
public Page search(String query, Pageable pageable) {
log.debug("Request to search for a page of Terreno0101S for query {}", query);
return terreno0101SearchRepository.search(queryStringQuery(query), pageable);

Now I need to add that besides that, is satisfied that the field "entorno" is equal to one field I him
return terreno0101SearchRepository.search(queryStringQuery(query///example:and entorno=1010///), pageable);

I need you to look all you have to query the value in any field (that's what there is right now) but also that the "entorno" field is equal to I directed.