Query based on date field


I have a filed called "date" of map

"date": {
"type": "date",
"format": "dateOptionalTime"

Examples values of this field are
July 31st 2015, 12:39:50.569
July 31st 2015, 13:29:00.785
July 31st 2015, 15:45:00.105

How do I write a kibana query string to show all on the date July 31st 2015 ?

Why not just use the time picker?

I want to be able to specify a date range in the query string...

Which Kibana version are you using? In Kibana 4, date range is automatically part of the URL:


I am using Kibana4. Is is possible to specify a date range the Kibana query
string, instead of the URL ?

You can use : date:[2015-04-02T12:50:31.491Z TO 2015-04-03T12:50:31.491Z] in the query toolbar (worked with Kibana 4.1.1)

Pay caution to both end of your range, for example when you search for only 2015 Kibana will give you the 1st of january at 01:00:00.000, I don't know how it will react with a range

EDIT : tried date:[2014 TO 2015], on a vertical bar chart, obtained the log from 31/12/2013 to 01/01/2015 (at 23:00:00.000 each with day interval), I recommand you tu use such chart to experiment with your interval first

Ah, I thought you were talking about the URL query string, not the search bar. In the search bar, you can use the Lucene query syntax: https://lucene.apache.org/core/2_9_4/queryparsersyntax.html