Query building ElasticSearch issues and troubles

I like to have some help with query building.
We've got an extended data model which has alot of border cases to search on.
We have a search bar with suggestions from different types.
some types should have more prioirty than others, base on our business value.
also, I want the search to have impact on the person's location.
Next some words should be excluded, which are the most common words in all language without actual search value.
we want to search through multiple values of an object, which have values on its own.
For instance: ''agreement'' we have a document called : ''Software license agreement''. but we also have a supplier ''bob agreement''.
Although a document might be logical because the title and content of the document have the value, we want ''bob agreement'' to have priority here because of the business value.

We also want synonyms for words, so when I search ''Software license agreement'' I will find SLA as well. but also the default language synonyms like 'ship' and 'boat' should be included too.
but... we want a ''search as you type'' solution, so ''Contr'' would be able to find ''contract''
the dataset is quite large, so performance is very important as well.

Thank you in advance,


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