Query conatining multiple fields

Hi, This is a part of source in elasticsearch index.

"_source": {
"InvoiceId": "a",
"InvoiceNum": "b",
"LastUpdatedBy": "FINUSER1",
"SetOfBooksId": "1",
"LastUpdateDate": "2015-03-20 18:31:16.592",
"VendorId": "5",
"InvoiceAmount": "1200",
"InvoiceCurrencyCode": "USD",
"AmountPaid": "NotFound",
"PaymentCurrencyCode": "USD",
I need to query on multiple inputs using the JAVA API, for example say I
have provided "InvoiceId" "InvoiceNum" as "a" and "b" .
How can I query using these multiple inputs? I want a single response for
One thing I came across was

MultiSearchResponse sr =
client.prepareMultiSearch().add(srb1).add(srb2).execute().actionGet(); where
SearchRequestBuilder srb1 =
SearchRequestBuilder srb2 =

but these return individual results. Is there any way I can get a single

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