Query deleted the entire events in Index


I have been running ELK for a while and during the course of learning, i have been exercising with some sample data stashed in Elasticsearch.

I used the below query once to delete a particular set of events in the Kibana Console.

POST logstash-2016.12.21/_delete_by_query
"match":{ "path":"C:\Users\547213\elk\tutorialdata\vendor_sales\vendorsaleswithnewformats.LOG"

But this deleted entire events in the index instead of deleting the events with "path" matching up the phrase given above. Is it something wrong in the query?

If you are using the default analyzer for path field, I'd expect that.

Run a search before the delete and will have an idea of is going to be removed.

but why would the select or delete takes entire index as i have given a search phrase with double quotes to search.

It should only pick the documents which matches with the search phrase, shouldn't it?

Have a look at the _analyze API and you will have a better understanding of what is indexed and what is searched.

In the case of the path field, I'd use a keyword field type probably.

Note that match query here is not a phrase query.

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