Query Elasticsearch DLS/ Field = Field?

Hi Guy,
I am thinking of using an Elasticsearch query to display documents where the value of Field 1 equals Field 2. Does Elasticsearch support this type of query? If anyone knows, please provide me with more details. Thank you!

I think that the only way is by using a script query.

Can you provide me with an example query that displays documents where two fields, Field1 and Field2 , have the same value? thanks you

I did not test it but according to the doc, that should be something like:

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "filter": {
        "script": {
          "script": """
            return (doc['Field1'].value == doc['Field2'].value);

thks you.

"As far as I know, how does Logstash configure to follow a query containing a script in it? To trigger and retrieve the fields I need, if you know, please share with me.

Please ask your new question in Logstash

Is there a script to customize in an Elasticsearch query that can take field 1 from document 1 and compare it with the value of field 2 in document 2? Help me

Not really. That'd be "a join"... And Elasticsearch is not a relational DB.

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