Query Elasticsearch with Readonlyrest plugin from Hive

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I'm trying to configure and run Elasticsearch-5.6.3 with Readonlyrest plugin and Hadoop/Hive (es-hadoop-6.0 connector ) on RHEL and on different servers. Hadoop, Hive
The readonlyrest plugin on Elasticserch side is set of jar files inside $ES_HOME/plugins/readonlyrest folder and readonlyrest.yml file in $ES_HOME/plugins/config folder.
I successfully tested querying Elasticsearch using hive external table, when Readonlyrest plugin disabled.
When I enabled Readonlyrest plugin, restarted Elasticsearch, then execution of "create external table ..." failed.
Do I need to add some configuration property/variable, like es.xyz or anything else, to Hive External Table definition or to the current Hive session in order to let Hive table or/and es-hadoop connector know that Elasticsearch is running with enabled Readonlyrest plugin (or any other enabled plugin) ?
Thanks in advance.

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Please avoid posting the same issue multiple times here. I understand that this forum does not have the same sort of response times as other forums on the site, but opening multiple threads for the same issue does not help. If you have more information on your issue, please bump/update the original post.

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I'm apology for the inconvenience James. Feel free to remove this post and I will update the original one. Thank you for your time, patience, support and help.

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