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I'm nooby on elasticsearch, I work on a project which uses a standalone elasticsearch on a spring boot application.

I index my data from an hbase database, and when I execute an elasticsearch query, I have an offset of execution time (from 1s to 5s see more).

I tried to use JProfiler to get the jvm indicators:

So it seems, that the problem is on the elasticsearch transport layer, and I would know what would be the origin of the problem: elasticsearch configuration, indexation configuration, ....

Thank you :slight_smile:

What kind of query? Could you run a search API call without any query and tell how fast is it?

Also you should switch if possible to the REST Client as the Transport one is deprecated.

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Thank you @dadoonet for your response,
it is a simple query, when I run out of application, it takes: Searched 1 of 1 shards. 15380 hits. 0.291 seconds

Can I use x-pack (or https) with REST Client? is the switch consequent?

What your code is looking like?

Can I use x-pack (or https) with REST Client?


is the switch consequent?

It depends on what you were doing and how.

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