Query filter not working in ES 5.3

Hi all!

I'm currently using Elasticsearch 5.3. The query filter doesn't seem to work for me. If I understand correctly, the query below should return all documents with only the specified terms. However, I'm getting back documents with other terms. For example, status: 0.

						"query": {
										{"term": {"status": "requested"}},
										{"term": {"status": "issued"}},
										{"term": {"status": "rejected"}},
										{"term": {"status": "revoked"}},
										{"term": {"type": "identity"}},
										{"term": {"type": "signature"}}
						"size": 1000

Am I doing something wrong here?


Wei Shan

Can you please add the whole query, the index mappings and possibly an example document that you think should not be returned, but currently is returned by your query? Otherwise its hard to judge whats going on.

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