Query from json to java api

Hello everyone,

i am new to elastic and i am currently trying to make my java api return SearchResponse from a query but i get
an exception whose message doesn't print anything so i can't understand what is going on. I have a json query
which is this

    "min_score": 0.2,
     "query": {
      "multi_match": {
          "query": "θέατρο",
          "analyzer": "search",
          "fields": [
          "fuzziness" : "AUTO",
          "prefix_length" : 2

and it works fine in kibana but not in my code. The way i am trying to do it is this one:

r = restClient.prepareSearch("index")
                .setQuery(QueryBuilders.wrapperQuery("my source here")).get();

and it just throws an exception saying all shards failed. Any ideas? What am i missing?

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May be share the full logs?

BTW why not using other QueryBuilders? Like the multimatch one?

Also I think that if you use wrap, you should put in it only what is inside the "query" part of your json

Hello again,

i fixed the style as you mentioned. As for the logs it says that all shards failed, just that.
I would like to use another builder (multimatch is just fine )but i haven't found a way to use filters, analyzer,
min score and fuzzy. I have read plenty documentation but still. Could you help me with that? So that my first
query be transformed into something i can use?

Thanks in advance!

Normally a shard says why it is failing. Could you paste the full log or the exception you get back?

May be this can help:

Your example helped me a lot! Thank you very much!

P.S i did not find anything in the logs about the exception

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