Query metrics of VMS through API call via HTTP Poller


I want to grab specific metrics of VMs by API calls
Currently I am using ///suite-api/api/resources?resourceKind=VirtualMachine to call all VMs and their resource IDs in postman
Next I am using below to get metrics

I have all the resourceIds I need, I want to send another request to query for some metrics. I am using below link as reference

But I want to query this via logstash. Any help would be really appreciated.

I would use an exec input running /bin/true with a schedule so that you can get an event down the pipeline as often as you need, then use http filters to make the REST calls.

But there are like 5000+ VMs with unique resource ids. It will be not practical to call each individual resource ID. I am looking for some kind of script to parse it via logstash.

Sorry, I was assuming you could get a list of VM and resources using an API call, then split that as appropriate.

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