Query on Azure Module Authentication for Metricbeat

We are planning to use azure module for metricbeat for monitoring and alerting in our organization, so as per documentation we could see it uses client_id and client_secret for authentication. Do we have any other ways to authentication that can be used here like SAS token, access keys etc. We have challenge in getting service principal created for this, as they are some restrictions in place for creating new service principals in our company. Would be great if we have any other means authentication mechanism that we can use.

Hey @vin89!

I'm not expert with the Azure model but if you think that the settings listed at Azure module | Metricbeat Reference [8.5] | Elastic are not enough to cover to cover your need I would encourage you to open a Github issue with the specific details of what would be ideal for you in a form of proposal. Based on this the team can decide if this is something doable and prioritise it accordingly.


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