Query on number of attribues/fields in an index

Is there any limitation of number of attributes/fields added for a index ?
Planning to use filtered aliases to avoid multiple indices, however have to add more attributes and all these attributes will not be populated each aliases. There could be lot of empty data in the document, will this cause any issue in performance or space ?


There's a default limit of 1000 fields in an index.

Thank you, do you foresee any issue if we have 500 field index, and document may have only populating only 100 fields depending on the aliases
say there for aliases 1 1-100 field and aliases 2 101-200 etc.

Does this approach is costly ? or is it better to create multiple index with 100 fields (number of indexes in that case will be around 500)

It depends. If you end up creating 10000 indices, then I'd prefer wasting some space with blank fields.
If it keeps the number of indices (and shards) minimal, then yeah a dedicated mapping per index.

Thanks David

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