Query Related to Multiple Content Sources & Thumbnails for Web Content

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I am clubbing two questions as part of this post:

Question 01:
Our customer is planning to migrate from Google Search Appliance and we are proposing Elastic Search as a replacement. The Use Case for Search here is to be able to Crawl specific Web Pages and Index it. We have used Scrappy as the WebCrawler and managed to crawl the context onto Elastic Search as a Proof of Concept. The Google Search Appliance also support grouping of specific URLs as a separate Content Source. Is there a equivalent concept in Elastic Search where we can group specific set of URLs as a separate Content Source which can later be used as a query filter as well to ensure the search query is made only on the specific Content Source ?

Question 02:
While I am not an SME on the Google Search Appliance, the existing Search Application which the customer showed to us is able to retrieve thumbnail of an image on the specific URL which is found in the search result and display the image beside the Search Result listing other than the text. Is this possible in Elastic Search? Any pointers to samples would be helpful.


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