Query search or keyword search failed on nested datatype field elasticsearch6.3.1

I am using elasticsearch version 6.3.1, previously I was using elasticsearch version 5.6.6. I have an index with fields of simple datatype as well as with nested type. In 5.6.6 if I search with keywords, it will return records that matches with the keyword. It will search on fields with any types(both simple and nested types). But in 6.3.1 if I search the same index with the same keywords, the matching is done only in the fields with simple datatype and the nested type fields are ignored. Is this a bug?

Sample search query : http://localhost:9200/index-test2/_search?q=UUID

The above issue is because of the depreciation of _all field in the elasticsearch version 6.x. And this can be solved using copy_to parameter. Please see the below links for reference.

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