Query seems to ignore size / from parameters

(Pieterdt) #1


I'm fairly new to ES and loving it. Recently I had to build a query, which seems to work. However, when the query is provided with size/from parameters for paging purposes, these parameters seems to be ignored completely.

The query can be seen here: https://gist.github.com/pieterdt/4c6c1450a17954ff32055f0eb654d081

I'm really puzzled, and don't understand enough why it would not respect the pagination parameters.

Does anyone have suggestions on why this happens or how I could rework my query?



(Nik Everett) #2

I always stick from and size on the URL rather than in the query body. I'm
on mobile, else I'd look it up. Either way, moving those parameters to the
URL ought to work.

(Pieterdt) #3

thanks, this did the trick!

(Lukas Vlcek) #4

Can this be a bug then? Did you consider opening a ticket? Are you able to reproduce with some small set of testing data?

(Pieterdt) #5

Seems a bug to me indeed.

(David Pilato) #6

Can you first try with size: 0?
I'm always using that in demos and it's working well.
Could you reproduce with a full script?

(system) #7