Query specific fields and field value must contains a value in nodejs

I'm using nodejs as the client slide to build a simple search engine with Elasticsearch
my index has the following fields

"id": "75199",
"FoodID": "123",
"FoodCode": "F123",
"FoodNumber": "F567",
"DisplayName": "food food",
"ignore-field-name": "ignore this",
"status": "Existing" or "History"

nodejs query

async function search(name) {

  const { body } = await client.search({
    index: INDEX_NAME,
    body: {
      query: {
        match: {
          DisplayName: {
              query: name,
              fuzziness: "AUTO"

How can I query field only has "Existing" text and how can I set the field names with multiple boost?for example: DisplayName^10, FoodNumber^9, something like that. Also, if I want to ignore some fields for searching, how to write it in the query.I'm so new to elasticsearch, no idea how to query it, thanks.

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