Query string analyzer not used when specified with ElasticSearch version 0.18.4

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I'm using elasticsearch 0.17.4 for month now on several projects. And I upgraded to 0.18.4 last friday.

And with this version I'm experiencing a strange bug :

In our projects we index multi-lingual content in the same index (en/fr/de). So we apply different custom analyzer for each language.

To do so we use the _analyzer option in mapping to apply the correct analyzer following the value of a field ("site" in our case).

Then at query time, we use a query string with the analyzer option to specify the same analyzer than at index time.

The bug is :

  • With 0.17.4, at query time the specified analyzer is correct
  • With 0.18.4, at query time the specified analyzer is never used. ElasticSearch revert to a default analyzer (default_analyzer when specified in config file)

Here the gist : https://gist.github.com/1383146

In my test I use the french word "accidents" that is correctly indexed as "accident" thanks to the stemmer. When the search is working as expected query like "accident" or "accidentés" should find the original document with "accidents"

Thanks for your help.


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