Query String does not return result on full title search, but works when searched with few words

(rini) #1

I'm using Elasticsearch 2.2.0.

I have a document with title field value "What's the Cost of Living? Comprehension Questions" analysed and stored with all those words. fielddata_fields return - "title": [ "comprehension" , "cost" , "living" , "of" , "questions" , "the" , "what's" ] .

When I search as {"query_string": { "query": "what's AND the AND cost AND of AND living" }} - yields the above mentioned document. But when I search with whole title as "what's AND the AND cost AND of AND living AND comprehension AND questions", no results were found.

What might be the reason, I doubt on "?" as many such titles are working only partially. but as fielddata_fields has all the words I search for, it should be returned. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Fixed the problem. It is due to my custom setting. thanks.

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