Query String on version 6 and above

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working with ES 5.5 and using query_string as my full-text search DSL.
Our search contains multiple fields, with multiple boosts, and some of them are short string fields and other ones are huge string fields.
And it's working perfectly: we use wildcard, etc.
And one requisite that is satisfied is the possibility of returning documents that some query terms are presented in one field and some other query terms are presented in different fields, for example:
if I search for "foo bar", and foo is presented in field A and bar in field B, the document is returned. It does not need both of them to be presented in one single field so that the document could be returned.

Now, we'd like to upgrade to 6.8 version, and it seems the default type for query_string is best_fields. To solve my "foo bar" search, it's necessary to search with + operator between the terms that are being searched (and I don't want to do that in all my searches)
It seems cross_fields solves my problem.

But my point is: Does cross-fields will deal well with different boosts among the searched fields?
Was cross_fields the default type in version 5.5 query_string OR earlier query_string implementation is not presented in 6.8 version and above?



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