Query two separate indices, perform calculations on the results, graph result of calculation

I would like to query two separate indices.

I would like to do the following:

Query 1: Query metricbeat which returns a figure say for arguments sake 2,500,000. I would like to divide this by 1,000,000 which gives me a values of 2.5

Query 2: Query custom index which returns a value of 8000.

Calculate: Divide result of query 2 (8000) by the result of query 1 + calculation (2.5)

Graph: Graph the resulting value

Is this possible in Kibana? In any of the options I have looked at Lens and TSVB, this doesn't seem possible. In Lens, I can't use a Bucket Script on the queries. In TSVB I can't query more than a single index.

Hi, this is one of the features we track in our supported features by panel type document. As you can see, the only options you have for this are TImelion and Vega.

You may be interested to know that Lens in 7.14 will support some important use cases that were previously TSVB-only.

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@wylie : thanks for your answer! Do you think it's possible in Vega? I kind of thought Vega looked like a possibility.

Yes, Vega is capable of doing this.

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