Query with boost by fields an term proximity (similar to EDISMAX in SOLR)

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Is there anyway to configure a query in a similar way as edismax in SOLR
that's taking care about term proximity and boosting by fields?
I have spend days but actually I haven't found any good solution with

That's an example of edismax in SOLR (
http://wiki.apache.org/solr/ExtendedDisMax ):

params.set("q", "london market bonds");
params.set("qf", "subject title^5");
params.set("pf", "subject^10 title^50");
params.set("ps", "10");
params.set("pf2", "subject^5 title^25");
params.set("ps2", "20");
params.set("mm", "2");
params.set("tie", "0.8");

It's translated in the following Lucene query:

(title:london^5.0 | subject:london)~0.8
(title:market^5.0 | subject:market)~0.8
(title:bonds^5.0 | subject:bond)~0.8
(subject:"london market bond"~10^10.0)~0.8
(title:"london market bonds"~10^50.0)~0.8
(subject:"london market"~20^5.0)~0.8
(subject:"market bond"~20^5.0)~0.8
(title:"london market"~20^25.0)~0.8
(title:"market bonds"~20^25.0)~0.8

With the new Multiple query strings in elasticsearch 1.1 (
) you can do something similar, but you have no control on the terms
So, looking for two terms, there is no difference if the two terms are far.


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