Query with has_parent vs denormalized with lots of updates

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Maybe some of you have some experience with this. Currently my index has a has_parent relationship of 1 parent to many children (roughly 200 children on average per parent).

This unfortunately leads queries to be slow, as I always need to query with has_parent and a size of 1.

Would I be better off denormalizing the index and updating ~300,000 docs every 2 minutes (instead of roughly 2,000 parents)? To note, this is an index that is also adding roughly ~5,000 new documents a second, which is what is triggering the warmers to cache the parent-child relationships.

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Hi @hello,

Unfortunately it is a big depends although updating 300k docs seems to be worse scenario.
I would encourage you to create a benchmark with both approaches and observe which perform better.

Maybe rally can help you with this task.


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