Querying elasticsearch during a rolling update

Hello everyone. I'm not super sure if that's the best place to ask but I'm hoping to get further information from here.

My goal is to query my elasticsearch-cluster (v 7.17) with either the deprecated elastic client or the recommended one (Java) during a rolling update.

To enable that I'm using the helm chart from bitnami charts/bitnami/elasticsearch at main · bitnami/charts · GitHub that abstracts all the rolling update mechanisms for Kubernetes away, so I don't have to do that myself as described in the rolling update tutorial (Rolling upgrades | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic).

I've passed my elastic-client the addresses to my coordinator nodes (coordinator-0 and coordinator-1). And tried to perform a rolling update while doing some simple queries in a test Java-App in a loop. Unfortunately I'm receiving an "UnknownHostException" error once the coordinator-0 shuts down. (That should be normal, since the bitnami chart uses the Kubernetes stateful set, that doesn't deliver a DNS lookup anymore once the node is down)

I would have expected the client to then try to perform the request on coordinator-1 next, but it exits with the mentioned Exception (for both Java Elastic-Clients) instead. One reason for that seems to be that the UnknownHostException is not a RetryableException as required to perform the Request on the next node:

So I'm in a difficult position now, where I'm not sure how to proceed further. Should I implement my own retry-mechanism in the Application, or am I using the chart wrong in some way?

I hoped that my use case would be fairly common, so that I could just use the defaults of the bitnami chart. if you guys have some ideas I would be happy for any kind of advice.


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