Querying ES using .net client application from a server where there are no nodes. Is that possible?


I am new to Elastic search. I have gone through the documentations and was able to setup a cluster as below:

My ES cluster consists of 2 nodes, both are master eligible and data nodes, both located in 2 different Azure VMs.
So Is it possible to query ES from my .net client application which is located in a 3rd Azure VM where i don't want to setup any ES nodes.

I can’t find any documentation which says this scenario is possible. I tried to set network.bind_host to my client application's ip-address but the node refused to start.

network.bind_host: ["", local]
network.publish_host: [""]
discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: ["", ""] - master node of the cluster - server where my client application resides
How can i query without setting up a node in

Note: I am using ES 6.0 and hosted them as windows service.

Please advise !!

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