Querying Hive External table with ES storage

Hi folks,

is there some limit to the number of fields in an ES index that we can query and map to hive table columns? It seems once i go over a certain number of fields all remaining fields get returned as Nulls ? i have checked the ES mappings and the hive es.mappings settings they are correct from what i can see. For example if i have 120 columns , when querying the results for the first 90 are returned correctly. You might think that there would be something wrong in the mapping in one of the remaining 40 columns to cause all nulls to be returned but if i replace say the first 40 with the last 40 they all return fine so the mapping itself seems ok it just seems to be some limitation on number of columns ? or maybe it's payload size ?

Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm using elasticsearc-hadoop-2.2.0.jar
ElasticSearch 2.3.3