Question abaut privelege for filebeat write role

I do not understand documentation fragment
about privilege for filebeat write role

 Check for ingest pipelines used by modules. Needed when using modules.

what rights do you mean exactly?
I do not find such rights in Kibana & Elasticsearch 7.6.2

Hi @orsa - You need to add cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/get as a custom option in the Cluster privileges:

This is a known limitation (as per this comment). Such privilege is not yet listed in the built-in cluster privileges.

This had been listed on our meta-issue for new privileges. You can subscribe to this issue for further updates.

I hope that helps.

Hi @ropc
thank you for the answer and links, this is a very interesting read for those who want to understand your product. I have a small clarifying question.
do I understand correctly that the "cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/get" privilege is defined in the code, but it is missing in autocomplete, or should I "collect" it as a role?

Hi @orsa - You're welcome. cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/get is not yet listed in the list (e.g autocomplete). It does exists in the Elasticsearch code.

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