Question about date mapping and search queries

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In our project, we use elaticsearch to index files. For these files, we
want to store :

  1. Text data like title, description, ...
  2. Date data

Each document don't have necessary a date, and a document can have multiple
date data (it depends on user configuration).

I made some test regarding the date data in order to have a concrete
example and to know how we can build a query with a date parameter (I've
attached the CURL requests I did) .

I've added a date like "post_date" = '2014-06-12" (with a string) and I was
able to search with { "post_date" : {"gte": "now-1d" } }.

Is it the standard behaviour for date data (add it as string and be able to
search it with date selector) ?

Thanks a lot,


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