Question About DropBox River

hi all,

I have a problem with dropbox river, I created an application on the
dropbox with these properties : App key : 9syaxuw8exjnxyi


secret: efp7zc0ijyguaru

I also get oauth_token:"akphp2bdjycxgca" , "oauth_secret":"*
and "url":"*

by typing this command : curl http://localhost:9200/_dropbox/oauth/*

i Allows to my application to access to my dropbox account by typing this
url in my bowser:

and i get back the success reply from Dropbox. but when I want to have the
user Token and Secret by calling:

curl http://localhost:9200/_dropbox/oauth/9syaxuw8exjnxyi/*efp7zc0ijyguaru
*/akphp2bdjycxgca/*4kd3dlv2hz9sf69 *

i get this error: {"error":"OAuthException[Response body is incorrect.
Can't extract token and secret from this: '{"erro
r": "Token is not an authorized request

it seems to me that "appsecret" is invalid according to the error, but
rather it is valid !!!!

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