Question about High watermark in Single Node cluster

Hello I have a elastic search 5.5 single node cluster set up. I have set up the low watermark to be 30% and high watermark to be 35% (note this is just for testing, these numbers are not final).

The log successfully logs both of these when the data fills up more than the low watermark percentage as well as the high watermark.

My question though is that when the data reaches my high watermark percentage and it says "shards will be relocated away from this node" followed by a "rerouting shards: [high disk watermark exceeded on one or more nodes]", does this not work in a single node cluster as data was still coming in?

If so can I say with confidence that the watermark does not relocate shards away if there are no other nodes in the cluster.

As you point out, it does not reroute anything because it cannot.

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