Question about issue 99592 fix

Hi, i am using Version 6.8.2 and i am considering version upgrade to 7.17.16

When i checked release note, there is JVM pressure issue due to JDK 21 version : High memory pressure for Elasticsearch versions using JDK 20+ · Issue #99592 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

And when i check version 8 release notes,
Version 8.11.2 has this issue : Elasticsearch version 8.11.2 | Elasticsearch Guide [8.12] | Elastic
But Version 8.11.3 seems not to have this issue : Elasticsearch version 8.11.3 | Elasticsearch Guide [8.12] | Elastic

  1. So this issue was fixed in version 8.11.13?
    If so i have 2 more questions
    1-1. How was it fixed? Was JDK version changed?
    1-2. Version 7 is not EOL yet. Then are you going to fix this issue on version 7 also?

Thanks in advance


The issue was fixed by adjusting the memory pressure calculation in Elasticsearch, not by changing the JDK version.

The fix for this issue was backported to the 7.17.6 version of Elasticsearch. So if you're planning to upgrade to version 7.17.16, you should not encounter this issue.


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