Question about performance available with elastic cloud


We are investigating the paid solutions with elasticsearch.

We saw that the first option in the cloud is a 45 Gb storage, and only 1 Gb of RAM.

Because we have some apps that have more than 1 million of docs (and storage size of around 200 Mb each), we are wondering what can we do with only 1 Gb of RAM ? It seems very low.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The nice thing with cloud is that's easy to scale up as you need.
And it depends on your use case. For my use case, a 1gb instance is enough to index my 1m documents dataset. But I'm the only user doing some business intelligence on this dataset...

So try it, and if not enough, scale up.

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In our case the biggest index contains more than 4 000 000 docs.I presume 1Gb of RAM will not be enough.

Best thing to do is to try it. That's the only way to be sure.


To add a little bit to what @dadoonet said.

First, you're going to need nodes that have enough storage for your documents.

You need to ingest them and typically they'll be a replica. So you'll have two nodes and a copy of each will be on each node....
That's the basics

But then of course you need to account for CPU

And this is where David's saying you must test because perhaps you only query the data once a week. That only takes a little bit of CPU, but maybe you're searching the data a thousand times per second. That will take a lot of CPU.

And finally tuning your schema and your searches can also adjust the amount of CPU you need.

So you need to do your testing. That's the only answer.

So you can load the data up. Do your testing, scale up or scale down and even terminate the cluster while you think about whether it makes sense for you or not.

When you terminate the cluster your data will be deleted as well.

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Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

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