Question about persisten connections to REST port


I'm running several tests against a Elasticsearch 2.1. I created five indexes with one shard each one and start to insert in http//IP:9200/_bulk API point. I'm using a python client using the request module , inserting 100 docs each request. Well, system performs well (from the return JSON I see the took key about 90 100 ms). I hit the ctrl-c and start again the test. Drop the indexes and start to insert the same events ... well, after this, I see that the time to insert multiply by 10. With the same script and the same date.

I check the "hot threads" and see these stacktrace:

root@elasticnew:/etc/elasticsearch# curl -XGET ''
::: {Luchino Nefaria}{uH0reNQjSpKuvg2ux0FZvA}{}{}
Hot threads at 2015-12-13T22:41:16.744Z, interval=500ms, busiestThreads=3, ignoreIdleThreads=true:

0.0% (0s out of 500ms) wait usage by thread 'elasticsearch[keepAlive/2.1.0]'
 10/10 snapshots sharing following 8 elements
   sun.misc.Unsafe.park(Native Method)


I don't know why the second time the system slowdown .... :?

The script I'm using is
I launch it with
./ http://IP:9200/ 5

First time, each insert request is fine. But If I stop and start to insert the same data ... the system slows ...

Well, the problem is that I create / delete the index with the same name in my test. Then, the system slow downs.

Known issue, see

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Thanks for the reference Jörg