Question on Elasticsearch upgrade using Ansible


A quick basic question to the community.

I have one three node Elasticsearch cluster (version 7.6.2) which was setup using the official Ansible role GitHub - elastic/ansible-elasticsearch: Ansible playbook for Elasticsearch

As it's near to EOL, we need to upgrade the version to the latest stable one (7.14 now).

I went through the upgrade steps in ansible-elasticsearch/ at master · elastic/ansible-elasticsearch · GitHub and was check the steps for "Procedure without data move"

I am little bit confused on that step.

Can I do the following steps?

Way 1

  1. Upgrade the role (ansible-galaxy install --force elastic.elasticsearch,7.14)
  2. Run playbook without any existing configuration changes.

Way 2

  1. Do a rolling update manually by following Rolling upgrades | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic
  2. Upgrade the role (ansible-galaxy install --force elastic.elasticsearch,7.14) in Ansible

Will the way 2 cause any issues for the next playbook run?

Please help me on this.

you can easily write your own ansible role for the upgrade. It is very simple.
follow the steps in Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic

it is just few lines of code and you are sure whats going on.
see my ansible code for upgrade I used for silimar upgrade

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there are few changes that has to be done in jvm.options when upgrading from 7.6.2 to 7.14
otherwise you can do it you mentioned

3 node cluster u can do manually without ansible just do yum upgrade or I do not know what linux release you have

Thanks Peter for your quick response.

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