Question regarding Java High Level REST Client moving forward

Is this deprecation only for java?
I am still a little bit baffled by this change.
Is http rest call going to be removed in the future?
What about python library?

We are running version 7.15 now. We typically upgrade by double writing to new cluster with newer version. So our application will need to write to both 7.15 and 8.x next time we upgrade for example.
I saw the document on how to transition using the same low level calls. But I'm not so sure about python. It seems http rest call is still the method. If so, why the change for java? Is the end goal to remove http rest calls from ES?



I'm having a hard time understanding your question, could you clarify if you're only concerned for the Java HLRC, Python client, both, or something else?

The Python client is still around and isn't going anywhere. For Java we are moving to a brand new generated client that captures all the APIs and features of Elasticsearch while not requiring the use of Elasticsearch server code as a dependency to keep binaries smaller.

I hope this partially answers your question.

Thanks. I get that. But why deprecating http rest for java? I'm thinking from code change/maintenance's point of view in our org. Is http rest going away as a mean to access ES in the future? And java is the first stage? etc.
We have both java and python code that access ES.

Couldn't the decision be left to the user to decide if size of binary is an issue or not? Just keep both libraries for us to choose.

It seems we are forced to change java code when upgrading beyond 7.16 for no benefit to my use case as far as I can see.

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