Questions about nested objects

Questions about nested objects:

  1. Can you limit the query response to only those nested objects that have a match?
  2. Is there a way to limit the number of nested object returned in the query response by a fixed number?
  3. Is there a way to page through the nested objects, instead of returning them all together?

All these questions stem from the fact that we might be facing a scenario with a lot of nested objects, and we don't necessarily want to get all of them all the time.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Take a look at inner hits:

It will solve most issues except the last one. There might be something
related to paging inner hits in 5.3. If not, it is definitely an open issue.


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Thanks Ivan! This is exactly what I am looking for.
Looks like we can also page by using the "from" and "size" option.

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