Questions about new free secruity function

Hi Team

Thanks for free the Role-base access Control last week.

I found the Kibana privileges from master document.

So i have few questions about this the Kibana privileges:

1 . Which version will included this function and when will release ?

  1. Does the function will free ?

  2. One user create a Visualize/Dashboard , How to forbid other uses eidt/delete it ?


Have a read of

Thanks for @warkolm quick response, My question is about Kibana privileges,

Could you please help on my questions 1 ~ 3 ?


Please read the blog post, it answers 1+2.

For 3, have a look at

Elastic typically do not provide information about what will be included in a release nor when it is scheduled for, so you will need to wait and see. I would expect this to also include how specific new features (the documentation you pointed to seems to be related to new features) are licensed.

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