Questions about REST actions in ElasticSearch


I try to embed an OData engine within an ElasticSearch REST plugin. To do
that, I need to know if it's possible and how to handle the following

  • Attach a REST action that handles several paths and HTTP methods using a
    pattern like /odata.svc/*:

public class ODataRestAction extends BaseRestHandler {
public ODataRestAction(Settings settings, Client client,
RestController controller) {
super(settings, client);
controller.registerHandler(Method.GET, "/odata.svc/*", this);



For information, I described a possible solution here:

  • Obtain an output stream of the current response in order to directly
    write the whole response content in it.

Thanks very much for your help!


Thierry Templier, Lead Architect

Restlet SAS, 6 rue Rose Dieng-Kuntz • 44300 Nantes • France

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