Questions about the apm-agent-php specification

This is a rudimentary question, but I would like to ask about the working specifications of apm-agent-php.

Will apm-agent-php work within an existing process (php-fpm: pool www) when transferring data to the APM server?

Or does it work by creating a new process (php-fpm: pool www) for data transfer?

If apm-agent-php is unable to communicate with the APM server and waits to be timed out, it would be stuck in the PHP-FPM process (php-fpm:pool www).

If a process is full of requests waiting for a timeout from the APM server, does this cause the process to fill up with that's requests and the website to not work properly?

Is there some kind of documentation that can confirm these specifications?

Elasticsearch version:

OS version:

Server version:
Nginx 1.20.1

APM Agent language and version:

apm-agent-php version:

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