Questions around Mapper Attachments 3.1.1 / ES 2.1.1

(Antoine) #1


I am testing the plugin Mapper Attachments 3.1.1 with ES 2.1.1, and using a set of xml files.

After indexing my files as base64 encoded, i query the cluster like this :

POST /test/divers/_search
     "fields": [""],
      "size" : 50,
      "query": {
               "match": {
               "file.content": "DEPOT"

I got 7 hits files in return. When searching the same occurrence using notepad++, i got 10 hits files.
What can explain the difference ?

I also tried to use the keywords metadata. So, i stored information into that field but i don't know how to use it?
Can you help on this please ?


(David Pilato) #2

I can't explain without a complete example. Do you think you could share a gist on

Out of curiosity, why are you using this plugin for xml files? Do you have other files to index than xml?

(Antoine) #3

I am just testing this plugin for future purposes.
And yes, i use several types in my set of files : csv, pdf, docx, xml, ppt, vsd ans xlsm.

For the moment, i only noticed different results (as i said above) with the xml files. I see if i can push a gist.

Is there a doc about how to use the keywords ?


(David Pilato) #4

May be something in your XML / Mapping makes that happening? ?

(system) #5