Questions Migrating to Java High Level Rest Client 5.6

Hi All,

At the moment, we are investigating efforts to move away from the Java Transport Client to the new Java High Level Rest Client.

Two questions already popped up:

  1. For the BulkProcessor we now need to make use of the ThreadPool class. See example in However, I do not see any documentation explaining the Settings objects that is required for the ThreadPool constructor. Can someone please explain me what is required to instantiate a valid Settings object for ThreadPool? (we are using ES Found, should that matter)
  2. According same documentation, the Mapping API still requires the Low-level Rest Client. This is a cumbersome Client to code against. The code we probably need to modify again once it is supported by the High Level Client. Can someone shed a light on the roadmap when the Mapping API becomes available in the High Level Rest Client?

Many thanks in advance for responding, kind regards,
Herm Flink

Read this:


ThreadPool threadPool = new ThreadPool(Settings.builder()
    .put(Node.NODE_NAME_SETTING.getKey(), "high-level-client")

And also

Ah, great! Thanks for pointing me to the right directions.
Guess I'll have to deal with the low level client for indices admin (and mappings) for now... and wait for to be resolved in some future release.

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