Questions on how to delete by query in ElasticSearch

I would like to delete certain documents in my index based on certain criteria, and I am just learning that in other to get this done, I would need to install the Delete By Query plugin. Atleast that is what this page: says.

Is there any other way to get the same thing done without going the plugin route? Because, sincerely the whole plugin business feels like an hassle. It hurts the "Developer experience". I mean, it is like having to install a plugin on Mysql in other to be able to execute a delete statement with a where clause!

Not only do I need to install the plugin, I have to install it on all nodes in my cluster! Then restart!...

I am also reading online that the plugin related changes also renders NodeBuilder useless.

So is there any other way to delete based on which documents match certain query? I hope there is. Your suggestions would be appreciated!

It changes in 5.0: