Quick advice for an ES newbie - ES and natural language

Trying to (extremely) simplify my requirements.

Given a document structure similar to this:

   "id": 1.
   " vendor_type": "electrician",
   "location": "new york",
   "price_level": "cheap"

   "id": 2.
   " vendor_type": "plumber",
   "location": "chicago",
   "price_level": "expensive"

Is there a pattern/tools/techniques I can follow if I want to enable my users to query something like:

cheap electricians in new york
plumbers in chicago

I would appreciate any insight or pointer

Hey @GenXJason,

This is something related to recommendation engine.
GET index_name/_search


"query": {

"term": {

  "price_level": "baker"



"aggs": {

  "bestMatch": {

    "terms": {

      "field": "vendor_type.keyword"





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